Maui Refresh

Carpet Cleaning

Carpets see a lot of foot traffic, and there’s good reason for upkeep. We use state-of-the-art equipment to not only clean, but sanitize your carpets. We get deep inside your carpet fibers for a complete clean, and our crews take the time and care to ensure the job is done right.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Over time, tile and the grout can get grungy with residue. Whether you have natural stone, porcelain or a custom material, we use special tools to spruce up your tile and clean what’s in between.


Upholstery Cleaning

If you have pets or kids, you know upholstery often needs upkeep. It’s also a must if you’re staging a space for selling or renting. We can make your couches, love seats and chairs look new again, and give fabric items a nice, refreshed look.

Maui Refresh

Odor Removal

No one likes a smelly space, right? But it happens, this we know. But you don’t have to live with it! We have cleaning solutions that can take odors out of fabrics and materials to get your spot smelling good again.

Maui Refresh

Allergen and Mold Removal

You might be sneezing and stuffed up, not realizing it’s your carpets and furniture that are bothering you! There are more allergens that build up in fabrics than people realize, and we have custom methods and tools to rid your space of those substances that spur sensitivities. We also specialize in mold removal, a common issue here in Hawaiʻi.

Maui Refresh

Virus Mitigation

We all know how much viruses can affect our lives. We wipe, spray, fog – whatever it takes to mitigate those pathogens and microorganisms. Our methods are plant-friendly, and you can trust that we are serious about making your space safe again.

808 Pressure Washing

Here on Maui, dirt and dust builds up regularly on walls, siding and outdoor surfaces. We are insured for pressure washing to spruce up commercial and residential buildings, driveways and retaining walls.